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Mail Requirements and Guidelines

Mailing Requirements and Guidelines

  1. The envelope must have your full name and complete, correct return address written on the outside. Mail will not be delivered without this information.
  2. Envelopes may not contain letters from anyone other than the person(s) listed on the outside of the envelope. Exceptions are made for children under the age of 13.
    • Note: Since all correspondence will now be delivered digitally, inmates will not be given physical copies of mail items.  If you need legal documents, tax forms, or other business forms delivered to an inmate, you may bring them directly to the jail and they will evaluate them on a case-by-case basis for delivery. All items will be subject to the rules and standards listed in #5. Additionally, anyone dropping items off must have and present valid governmental identification and fill out a property drop-off form.
  3. All books and or magazines must be received directly from the publisher or a new book distributor and may not come directly from a local business unless that business has been approved by the Sheriff’s Office. Books and magazines must be sent as addressed below:
    • (Full Inmate Name) Bonneville County Jail 605 North Capital Idaho Falls, Idaho 83402
  4. Additionally, the Bonneville County Jail will not accept the following:
    • Used books from any source;
    • Blank sheet paper in any form (i.e. loose sheet paper, journals, paper tablets, blank envelopes, etc.)  The jail provides blank paper to the inmate population at no cost.
    • Stamps or stamped envelopes.  Inmates can purchase these items through the commissary program.  Indigent inmates are provided two (2) stamped envelopes each week at no cost;
    • Any item with heavily colored areas, such as crayons, colored pencils, or paint*;
    • Any item with stains, watermarks, or any substance foreign to the paper product*;
    • Any item containing glitter, or glitter-like substance*;
    • Any item containing stickers, either on the envelope or inside contents*;
    • Any item containing tape or glue, in any form*;
    • Items containing paperclips, staples, or other metal bindings*;
    • Any item containing a porous or abnormal texture (i.e. rippled, ribbed, or grainy texture)*;
    • Any multi-layered items or items made of excessively thick card stock or cardboard*;
    • Any item containing electronic devices or equipment (i.e. greeting cards that play music)*;
    • Any food or drink items.  Any perishable food item(s) received may be disposed of, at the discretion of jail staff, for health and safety reasons;
    • Any Polaroid™ style photographs, or photographs containing nudity or gang-related images*;
    • Any item(s) with perfume, cologne, lip-stick or other beauty or hygiene products, applied to them*; AND,
    • Newspapers or newspaper clippings.
* Earth Class may accept these items for scanning. Scanned images of these items may be viewable by inmates as long as they fall within other safety and security guidelines for content. The Bonneville County Jail recognizes each inmate’s right to utilize the federal mail system to communicate and connect to family, friends, legal representatives, etc. it also recognizes the mail system as a means for dangerous contraband to be introduced into the jail. We carefully process and inspect each piece of mail within the scope and limitations of federal, state, and local law in an attempt to maintain inmate safety and facility security. Items will be approved or denied on an individual case-by-case basis. If mail item scans are denied the inmate and sender will both be notified. Inmates may utilize the inmate request system to appeal any denial of mail items which shall be addressed in accordance with jail policy and procedures.