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Idaho Falls, ID

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Gifts to Inmates

Inmates incarcerated in this facility are unable to receive gifts directly from family and friends.

However, you can give money, paperback books, and magazines to inmates through the following procedure:

  • You can also deposit money on an inmate account through or by calling 866-345-1884.
  • Inmates can use the money from their account to purchase hygiene items, snack foods, and craft items from the Jail commissary program. They may also use the money in their account to receive dental care, and be seen in medical clinic for any medical issues. A visit to see the dentist or medical staff will cost the inmate $10.00.
  • If an inmate is indigent medical and dental services will not be denied. Indigent inmates will receive personal hygiene items and stamped envelopes as well.
  • The inmates can receive new paperback books and magazines through a publisher or retail outlet only. If you would like the inmate to have these items you must purchase them from the publisher such as a subscription to a magazine or from a retail outlet. No used books or magazines will be accepted. The publisher or the retail store must send that item to the Jail in care of the inmate’s name at
    Bonneville County Jail
    605 N. Capital Avenue
    Idaho Falls, Idaho 83402