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Intoxicated subjects arrested after argument

Burns, Ryan Parker
Burns, Ryan Parker


Marton, Carlos
Marton, Carlos

Friday evening (Nov. 24th) area Law Enforcement responded to a call of a man who was on his way to kill his brother after an argument. Dispatch received the call around 5:30pm from Carlos Marton (25 years of age), who reported he and his brother Ryan Burns (21 years of age) had been in an argument at an unknown location where Burns pointed a gun at him. Mr. Marton told dispatchers he was now driving to Burns residence to hurt him, making indications that he may be armed and wanting to kill Burns, but would not disclose his or Mr. Burns location. Marton was uncooperative with dispatchers but made it clear he was upset with Burns and headed to his residence to harm him.

Dispatchers were able to research and provide officers with vehicle information and addresses for both parties while continuing to reason with Mr. Marton and get more information. These efforts helped a Bonneville County Sheriff’s Deputy locate and stop Mr. Marton on 25th E. just north of Hwy 20. Marton immediately exited his vehicle with his hands up and was detained by the Deputy. Officers from the Idaho State Police and Idaho Falls Police Department also responded and after a search of Mr. Marton and his vehicle no weapons were located.

In talking with Mr. Marton, it was apparent to Deputies he was intoxicated, going from agitated and cooperative to making aggressive movements toward officers on scene. Marton agreed to a breath test, however only providing a partial sample, and continuing to be uncooperative. Marton was then transported to the hospital where a sample of blood could be obtained for evidentiary testing.

During this time Marton told Deputies he and Burns had been drinking at his residence, they got into an argument and Burns pointed a handgun at him. Marton described the handgun as having a laser dot sight attached to it that displayed a dot he could see on his body. Mr. Marton told Deputies he believed the gun was loaded and Burns was going to shoot him, advising his 3 year old child was also inside the residence at the time. Marton then showed Deputies a video from his cell phone of Burns pointing an object with the same laser dot sight out of his vehicle as he drove away.

After leaving the hospital, Mr. Marton was transported by Deputies to the Bonneville County Jail. Marton continued to be belligerent and aggressive and was hitting the windows and inside of the patrol car with his body. Upon arrival at the jail Deputies discovered damage to the inside of the patrol car caused by Mr. Marton. Marton was booked into jail on a Felony charge for Malicious Injury to Property and Misdemeanor Driving Under the Influence.

While dealing with Mr. Marton, Deputies located Mr. Burns at his residence and interviewed him about the argument. Burns told them he had been drinking at his brother’s residence and had been in an argument with Marton but denied pointing a gun at him. Burns told Deputies he had a handgun but took the laser dot attachment off and pointed it at Mr. Marton. Mr. Burns showed the firearm to Deputies which at that time was loaded and had the laser sight still attached to it.

Mr. Burns was placed under arrest and transported to the Bonneville County Jail where he was booked for Felony Aggravated Assault.

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