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Real Estate Scam Alert


RE: Real Estate Scam Alert

Our Deputies receive reports of a wide variety of scams throughout the year. Most are related to phone, text, or email scams claiming you have warrants, missed jury duty, or have a tax issue. A less noticeable scam we’ve seen lately is via internet or social media listings for real estate or rental properties. In this scam someone’s identity is assumed, or ownership of property is assumed with the goal of getting the victim to pay a deposit or downpayment on a listing which isn’t discovered until you try to move in or finish the titling paperwork. Here are a couple recommendations:

  • be suspicious of listings on the internet or social media, do some research to make sure it’s a legitimate listing, realtor, or property agency.
  • make sure the property listed is an actual property that is actually for sale or rent.

It’s difficult to keep up with these scams and tomorrow something new will take the place of what we are seeing today. Report suspicious activity, monitor your credit and financial accounts, and change your passwords often. Especially if something suspicious has happened.

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