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Seat Mobilization

Extra Deputies will be out on patrol today through the next 2 weeks working traffic areas and watching for seatbelt violations as part of statewide efforts to educate and promote safe driving. Working with the Office of Highway Safety and Law Enforcement from around the state, the Bonneville County Sheriff’s Office will be taking part in this mobilization to help educate drivers and intervene when unsafe or aggressive driving is observed. Springtime brings more travelers on our roads, including motorcycles, bicycles, and pedestrians, which makes it more important than ever to pay complete attention to your driving.

Speed and Inattention are the most common factors in crashes, which can be due to several factors in driving behavior. Often, it’s a simple distraction for only a moment, or someone is in too big of a hurry that puts them and others on the road at risk.

In a two-vehicle crash, our Deputies responded to last week, a driver was reported by other motorists as speeding before witnesses saw the vehicle travel into a construction zone and run into a parked traffic safety vehicle. The result was an overturned vehicle and a very close call to construction workers on the scene. The driver of the vehicle told Deputies they had reached down to pick up an item off the floor, only taking their eyes off the road for a moment, before hitting the safety vehicle head-on. Fortunately, the driver was wearing a seatbelt, which worked as designed with the airbags to prevent serious injury.

Far too often our Deputies respond to crashes that could’ve been prevented completely by paying attention and obeying traffic laws. That’s why the Bonneville County Sheriff’s Office participates in mobilizations like these to help remind motorists how important it is to wear your seatbelt and take advantage of the safety systems in your vehicle. Doing so in conjunction with safe driving habits decreases the chances of being involved in a crash where serious injuries or death may occur.

If you are a witness to unsafe driving or suspect another motorist of being under the influence of alcohol or drugs, contact your local Law Enforcement Dispatch immediately.

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