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Winter Season Road Closures

December 12, 2023


The Bonneville County Sheriff’s Office reminds everyone that seasonal road closures in our back country are now in effect. These closures happen each year until the conditions are clear, roads are safely passable, and Bonneville County Commissioners designate the areas as open again. As winter progresses some back country roads will be groomed for tracked vehicles only, however at this point in time snow levels are not sufficient enough to do so.

Areas currently subject to this seasonal closure include:
– Bone Rd. and the Blackfoot Reservoir Rd. beyond the Day Ranch Parking Lot
– Eagle Pass and Kepps Crossing from the Bone Rd. East
– Johnson Rd. (115th E.) between 89th N. and the Blacktail Rd.
– Meadow Creek Rd. beyond Ririe Reservoir
– Long Valley Rd.
– McCoy Creek Rd.
– Fall Creek Rd. south of the Snake River Rd.
– Portions of the Snake River Rd. between Fall Creek Rd. and Bear Creek Rd.

It’s important for motorists to avoid traveling beyond the road closed signs, regardless of whether or not it looks passable or appears to have tracks from other vehicles. Aside from being subject to enforcement action, unpredictable and severe weather conditions can leave you stranded in areas where emergency communication is difficult. Rescue in these areas can require significant resources by Deputies and First Responders to deploy, which takes time and can add avoidable risk when people go around and ignore these signs.

When snow levels are sufficient enough for tracked vehicles and winter recreation access, remember to always respect private property, and stay on groomed trails. Prepare for winter conditions with proper clothing and emergency supplies, pay attention to weather patterns and conditions, and always tell your loved ones where you plan to go and when you will return. Taking time to prepare before you leave can greatly increase your ability to survive an emergency or extreme weather incident.

For up to date information on Bonneville County Winter Road Closures visit the Winter Road Closure Map in the GIS section of the Bonneville County Idaho  website.

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