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Man arrested during Domestic Disturbance

January 29, 2024


RE: Man arrested during Domestic Disturbance

Bonneville County Sheriff’s Deputies arrested an Ammon man after responding to a disturbance at a residence on Rebel Rd. last Friday (Jan. 26th) evening. Deputies assigned to the Ammon Division were sent to the residence just before 9pm after a neighbor reported a female was banging on their door yelling for help before a male dragged her back to her residence.

As Deputies arrived, they could hear arguing that went quiet as soon as they knocked on the door. After no response and seeing blood smeared on the front door, a Deputy went to the rear of the residence and could hear through a window what sounded like a female struggling to talk and breath as if she were choking and a male talking quietly.

Deputies then forced entry into the residence and located a man holding a female down on the floor of a back bedroom. The man, later identified as 45-year-old Ryan Allyn Kirkbride, briefly struggled with Deputies inside and outside of the residence before being secured in handcuffs and detained in a patrol car. Blood from the victim was found on Mr. Kirkbride’s arms and clothes and he was in possession of her cell phone. The female was found to have visible bleeding cuts as well as injuries around her neck that were checked by Idaho Falls Ambulance Personnel at the scene.

The victim told Deputies Mr. Kirkbride woke her up, was extremely intoxicated and an altercation ensued where Kirkbride had her in a chokehold. During that time Mr. Kirkbride took the victims phone to prevent her from calling 911 causing her to run to the neighbors house to get help. Kirkbride apparently followed her to the neighbors and put his arm around her neck to forcefully drag her back to the residence. The victim advised Deputies when they knocked on the door Kirkbride told her if she screamed he would kill her and continued to choke her.

Kirkbride was transported to the Bonneville County Jail where he was booked on Felony charges for 2nd Degree Kidnapping and Attempted Strangulation, as well as Misdemeanor Charges for Resisting Arrest and Preventing a 911 Call.

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